Corruption has been here for decades… and it’s perfectly legal. Why?


This is the approximate percentage of campaign contributions in Houston that come from people or companies that are regulated by or directly do business with the City of Houston.

This isn’t democracy. This is unacceptable.
This is our city’s Pay to Play system.

Houston, we have a chance to End Pay to Play. A group of concerned Houstonians has formed the End Pay-to-Play PAC to finance a massive petition drive that aims to reduce the amount that people or companies that do business with the City of Houston can contribute to any candidate for mayor, controller or City council, or any PAC which contributes to any such candidate, to $500 per year.

So, what can you do about it?

We need your help to get around 40,000 in-person signatures from City of Houston voters.

You can help by contributing to the End Pay-to-Play PAC, volunteering to collect signatures, and by signing the petition when our petition drive begins in June.

Remember, you can volunteer here and donate at this link.

End Pay To Play Strategy
Three step process for ending Pay to Play in Houston.

It is wrong that approximately 80% of campaign contributions come from parties that directly to business with the city. Houston deserves a government that reflects the interests of the People. Houston needs to End Pay to Play.

Individuals or corporations can contribute to this PAC and there is no limit on the amount. None of the money contributed to this PAC will be used to support any political campaign. This money will be used exclusively to pay for expenses associated with collecting the necessary petitions and filing those with the City Secretary.

The corrupt pay-to-play system will never reform itself. It will only happen by direct action of the people.